RxSafe, LLC has announced a partnership with McKesson Canada to bring blister card-filling automation to the US retail pharmacy market. Designed by McKesson Canada, the BlistAssist™ system is an innovative software-driven solution that improves the manual preparation and verification of single- or multi-med blister cards. Under the agreement with McKesson Canada, RxSafe will be the exclusive distributor of the BlistAssist™ system in the USA.

RxSafe BlistAssist Blister Card Filling Assistant
RxSafe BlistAssist Blister Card Filling Assistant

BlistAssist™’s light-guided panel improves the time consuming and labor-intensive manual card filling and verification process. Barcode verification and the unique pill-by-pill, image-driven workflow greatly enhances accuracy and verification, reducing potential for errors. The system also monitors the card filling process, allowing scheduled stops and restarts seamlessly.

“BlistAssist™ offers accuracy, traceability, and security that helps pharmacists quickly verify their patients’ drugs, improving safety and medication adherence,” says William Holmes, President & CEO of RxSafe. “Pharmacists can verify scripts remotely from a separate workstation or even an iPad. We believe this is the solution retail pharmacies have been waiting for, because it addresses all the requirements of a pharmacy’s card filling operation.”

The solution also features the unique ability to track lot numbers and expiration dates in manually-prepared blister cards. Operator activity is tracked via a login and password, providing superior traceability for pharmacies.

BlistAssist™ is a proven solution to help address medication adherence. Medication non-adherence leads to 125,000 preventable deaths and over $300 billion in avoidable healthcare costs each year, according to the Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy.

“Medication non-adherence creates enormous societal costs, from patient safety to negative health outcomes to lost productivity,” says Holmes. “BlistAssist™ is a game changer for any pharmacy using blister card adherence programs, allowing them to better serve patients with chronic health needs and/or multiple medications.”

BlistAssist™ incorporates a unique, patented “layer-by-layer” verification process, which simplifies and accelerates verification. In addition, pharmacists have the flexibility to conduct final verification remotely from their computer or mobile device. BlistAssist™ also takes up very little space, easily fitting on top of a small table or desk, and is compatible with most commonly used blister cards.

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