ScriptPro has announced the successful launch of its SP Central integration with CoverMyMeds’ IntelligentPA to fully automate the prior authorization (PA) process for SP Central pharmacy management system customers. CoverMyMeds’ IntelligentPA, with Callback API, is CoverMyMeds’ latest offering and the evolution of its EasyButton solution. According to ScriptPro, it is the first company to integrate a fully automated PA solution.

IntelligentPA works by auto-populating the PA form with all the demographic information from the prescription claim string and automating PA initiation on rejections. ScriptPro automates retrieval of PA status updates through the Callback API, all easily accessible from any ScriptPro workstation. The company has found that customers using the IntelligentPA are reaping the benefits of increased prescription adherence, standardized PA handling across the pharmacy, and time saved for pharmacy staff as well as the prescribers they work with. The IntelligentPA functionality is available at no cost to ScriptPro pharmacy management system customers.