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Independent Pharmacy

Independent Pharmacies Increase Patient Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

Transaction Data Systems (TDS) has announced the results of an analysis of trends in their community pharmacy network. They report that recent data provides proof that independent pharmacies have increased their involvement in patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flip the Pharmacy: A Fundamental Change for Community Pharmacy

In June 2019, the Community Pharmacy Foundation (CPF) and the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) announced a new dynamic program, Flip the Pharmacy (FtP). The goal of FtP is to provide the scale to “flip” pharmacy from a professionally unsustainable, point-in-time, prescription-level practice model to a professionally sustainable, longitudinal, patient-level practice model.

Transaction Data Systems – Rx30 and Computer-Rx

Transaction Data Systems, with its Rx30 and Computer-Rx pharmacy management solutions, is focused on improving efficiency and productivity and increasing profitability for today’s independent pharmacies. View the full listing to learn more.

Speed Script

Speed Script PRM, an all-inclusive pharmacy management system, Speed Script POS, an integrated point-of-sale system for managing your front-end sales and Speed Script LTC (SSLTC), an electronic facility to pharmacy communication application and eMAR application. View the full listing to learn more.


QS/1 provides software for independent, chain, outpatient, and HME pharmacies and integrated solutions, including POS, IVR, document management, mobile and delivery apps, prescription synchronization, and HME billing. View the full listing to learn more.


PioneerRx pharmacy software makes patient care competitive and profitable by delivering weekly, cutting-edge improvements for speed, simplicity, consistency, and flexibility. View the full listing to learn more.


PerceptiMed's will-call automation eliminates prescription bag errors. scripClip will-call automation systems improve safety, workflow, customer satisfaction and inventory management. View the full listing to learn more.

Liberty Software

Liberty software offers a pharmacy management software platform that helps community pharmacies enhance patient care, increase patient safety, and improve profitability. Pharmacy management software, pharmacy point of sale, and multi-store management. View the full listing to learn more.

Datascan Pharmacy

Datascan Pharmacy offers sale, support, and updating of our pharmacy management software, pharmacy point of sale, mobile applications, central-store management system, and interfaces with IVR, robots, and more. View the full listing to learn more.