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Technology Corner

Tools and Tech for Pharmacists to Support Transitions of Care

Many variables in transitions of care must be considered in order to achieve the best outcomes for patients, minimize readmissions, and control costs. We would like to explore potential tools and resources that pharmacists can utilize in interventions that aim to ensure quality in transitions of care.

Telepharmacy During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has significantly impacted the world in many ways and one specific area in pharmacy that is being impacted significantl is telepharmacy. Telepharmacy has the potential to increase healthcare delivery while decreasing viral spread.

Digital Health Storylines to Follow in the New Year

We have witnessed both evolutionary and revolutionary change in the world of health information technology. Much of this change has been positive, while some has led to unintended consequences. In this, the first issue in the 20th year of the new millennium, we devote our focus to recent developments that deserve your attention.

Social Companion Robots and Medication Adherence

In Disney’s 2014 Animated feature film “Big Hero 6,” Baymax is a personal healthcare companion robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). He is programmed...

Prescription-Only Mobile Applications

Our nation currently faces several epidemics, including the opioid epidemic, the obesity epidemic, and the epidemic of chronic illness. In 2015–2016, drug overdose deaths...

Partnering to Educate Future Pharmacists

We both have young children. In the months leading up to their arrival, well-intentioned family and friends generously shared their advice and the experiences...