INDUSTRY WATCH: September/October 2015

TCGRx Introduces Next-Generation

System With the release of ATP 2, a new automated tablet packaging system, TCGRx provides a system that emphasizes redundancy and uptime for optimal operating efficiency.

According to TCGRx CEO Duane Chudy, “the ATP 2 leverages a solid engineering foundation while pioneering the next set of features that pharmacies need to capture and improve compliance among at-risk patients, while still improving their bottom line.” He explains that the ATP 2 delivers on a customer-friendly adherence package referred to as AdherePac. The unique package can be printed with color indicators to signify the proper pass times, images of pills, and even reminder bags for non-oral solids such as inhalers.”

Features of the new system include operating with limitless canister automation, running half-tablets through the machine, and running continuously without stops for refilling trays. The ATP 2 is available in a variety of sizes, is expandable, and offers a variety of different pouch sizes that fit acute-care settings as well as long-term care and retail.