Ateb: Steve Roberts, Sales Manager

“We will introduce Time My Meds, a solution to enable pharmacies to synchronize the fill date of a patient’s prescriptions to one or more days of a month. We are also enhancing our patient messaging solutions to be more effective in communicating with patients.”

Cerner Etreby: Mike Etreby, Director of Solution Management

“Expect mobile signature capture for delivery and the drive-through window, as well as a consumer/patient mobile application for requesting refills and viewing status of pending prescriptions. We are also making additional ScriptFlow Workflow solution enhancements, such as ‘on-demand’ counseling enhancements, creating store departments, annotating on scanned in images, and adding the ability to view the third party rejection reason at any time.”

DataScan: Kevin Minassian, Vice President

“We will continue to build on mobile applications by expanding offerings for refilling prescriptions, potential mobile ordering of OTC’s, scheduling deliveries, and more. We will also be building a new central reporting system from the ground up to help clients that own multiple locations get robust reporting on one, all, or some of their locations. We are also making improvements to the ‘daily log’ screen, which shows a complete picture of what the pharmacy has done for the day, along with color coding that allows the pharmacist to see what prescriptions need additional attention. This will now have the ability to look forward 90 days and back 90 days. Also available at a glance without running a report are volume by day, prescriptions on hold for the following days, and a look back to quickly identify any prescriptions that may have been voided/deleted, rejected and not processed, or paid potentially incorrectly with a reimbursement warning. Also seeing enhancements are are verification and workflow, with the option to lock-out prescriptions from being checked out at the POS if they have not been verified by a pharmacist. Workflow will allow a cashier or clerk to receive and scan in prescriptions and then build a queue that shows promised delivery timeframe or that the patient is waiting, has asked for delivery, etc.”

ECRS: Ashlee Olson, Vice President of Marketing

“We will offer Web-based point of sale and back office management coming, as well as an in-aisle price checker, and e-receipts. Enhancements are coming for our unattended kiosk with no touch, scan and swipe transactions; e-coupons within loyalty program; and PA-DSS PCI certification for new generation of products.”

Emdeon: Rick Sage, Vice President of Clinical Services

“We will offer new products designed to support the delivery of clinical services, simplify audit and regulatory compliance, and alert pharmacies to opportunities for improved reimbursement. We’ll also improve electronic claims submission to major commercial medical insurance payers and plans in NCPDP format using via pharmacy management systems; advances in clinical exchange with additional message types supported by NCPDP 10.6; and enhanced pre- and postedits.”

Emporos: Greg Phillips, President and CEO

“We have a mailout Web portal coming to allow POS transactions to be easily integrated in workflow; credit-card entry through the IVR with a token that is acquired and stored for PCI security. We are also improving our mobile delivery app for delivery to homes or hospital rooms for discharge patients, including payment and signature capture.”

Epicor: Keith Lam, Senior Product Manager

“We will offer a tablet POS with receipts that can be emailed printed out on a mobile receipt printer; a gift card mall featuring wireless, long distance, restaurants, online cards, and more; and NPLEx integration for nationwide tracking of meth precursors without the need to log into the Methcheck website. Major enhancements are also coming to the Eagle loyalty application to create a loyalty program that matches the programs offered by the large chains, with new features including loyalty analytics to determine purchase patterns, behaviors, promotion effectiveness, affinity of promotions; loyalty levels to segment customer base for different promotions, rewards and offers; coupons that are printed on the receipt when customer reaches certain loyalty levels; and a mobile loyalty app to provide customers information on loyalty points, store info, push offers, and a link to your ecommerce website.”

Freedom Data Systems: Kerry Rook, General Manager

“We will have reports the company is unveiling a tablet POS capable of everything from in-store inventory to deliveries and bedside transactions.”

HBS: Marty Spellman, Director of Sales and Implementation

“We will be releasing an AWP resubmission opportunity report, an entire series of eLearning tools, and delivering a signature capture device with a built-in biometric option. There will also be new features in the pharmacy management software to meet specialty pharmacy requirements, including predefined and user defined categories to classify documents, sorting to expedite document retrieval, and new fields in the patient record. And we are enhancing our pharmacy system for the specialty market, with predefined and user-defined categories to classify documents, sorting to expedite document retrieval, and new fields in the patient record to support reporting, dispensing, and maintenance.”

Infowerks: Jeff Deitch, President

“We will offer cloud backup with rapid recovery, which will allow access to data within an hour and eliminate the need to close the pharmacy while rebuilding the system after a data loss.”

Innovation: Doyle Jensen, Executive VP of Global Business Development

“We will be adding digital fax queue management to Innovation’s paperless workflow process with support for virtually any standard Microsoft-compatible fax machine. We are enhancing our simulation services, which apply business intelligence and process simulation to help pharmacies “right-size” a solution using advanced data visualization to virtually build and analyze multiple scenarios with various technologies, workflows, and configurations.”

KeyCentrix: Jen Caughron, Director of Operations, Sales, and Marketing

“We will launch a module designed specifically for specialty pharmacies and independent pharmacies that will be adding specialty drug dispensing, and including order-based, exception driven workflow that can be customized for different pharmacy locations. We are also adding a more robust interface between the RxKey pharmacy software and flexTRAX point of sale.”

Kirby Lester: Christopher Thomsen, Vice President of Business Development

“We will introduce the new KL1 Plus, a compact, fully interfaced, and streamlined tablet and capsule counter with barcode scanning and onscreen drug verification capabilities. The KL60 robotics will also see enhanced safety, speed, volume, and capacity.”

McKesson Pharmacy Systems: Bernie Reese, Vice President and General Manager for the Independent Pharmacy Market

“We will introduce new features and benefits for all three of our products – PharmacyRx, Pharmaserv, and EnterpriseRx. These will include new options for patient-specific messaging to drive improved adherence and outcomes; automated and consolidated medication guides; and insurance reimbursement and profitability intelligence offerings. We will also have enhanced mobile and POS offerings; expanded medication compound management capabilities; enhanced drug and disease coding for patient care management; e-prescribing for controlled substance capabilities; and streamlined e-prescribing and prescriber file management.”

Mevesi: Omar Sosa, President

“We will have several new offerings, including one that will consolidate point-of-sale and pharmacy data for analysis that can identify marketing opportunities, high-volume products, and category trends, as well as analyze customer trends and behaviors. Another turns accounting, pharmacy, and point-of-sale data into an easily used format to allow for simple integration with accounting systems, analysis by key cost segments and labor segments, and data driven decisions. We will also have a new mobile app for automated Interactive voice, email, and text message.”

Mobile Medsoft: Duke Yetter, CEO

“We will have a several new products aimed at real-time patient care coordination in long-term care using cloud technology, GPS, and direct intra-facility communications; a mobile facility‐to‐pharmacy app designed to maximize the nurse’s experience and acceptance of new technology; and a pharmacy delivery app that is fully integrated with the company’s pharmacy system workflow.”

PDX: Jeff Farris, CEO

“We will introduce new offerings for MTM and specialty, contract management, long-term care, point of sale, business intelligence, and electronic clinical data exchange using the the company’s electronic pharmacy record in partnership with Emdeon. Enhancements will include support for background processing to push prescriptions to a fulfillment center for store-base mail order and enhancements to pharmacy platforms to support MTM and specialty pharmacy.”

Printed Solutions: Wes Moffet, President

“We will offer new thermal printers and an expanded pill image library that will cover over 80% of prescriptions.”

QS/1: Michael Ziegler, Market Analyst Manager

“We will introduce new iPhone and Android apps that will include patient history; HME compliance documentation; and a new will-call management system. Enhancements include full integration with RxTran for sig language translation and USPS address verification and completion.”

Retail Management Solutions: Mike Gross, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

“We will have new mobile technologies and customer loyalty capabilities.”

Rx-Net: Chuck Cannata, President

“We will introdice a tool to monitor acquisition costs for a pharmacy’s entire inventory, with safeguards against price increases from wholesalers, and undermanaged U&Cs for less popular drugs; monitor third-party activity and automatically adjust U&Cs on any NDC numbers that were paid at U&C; and detailed reports of transactions paid at U&C. There will also be a service to delve deep into the pharmacy inventory management process to identify which NDCs have higher reimbursement rates, and which drugs should take ordering priority over others. We are also enhancing our rank based market pricing that allows a pharmacy to choose a pricing strategy based on drug popularity in their own area.”

RxTran: Jessica McGowan, Marketing Manager

“We will offer pharmacy website translation to account for the more than 1/3 of all internet users who are non-native English speakers and mobile tech translation since pharmacies are increasingly using mobile apps to communicate with patients and boost prescription adherence. We will also offer increased SIG coverage and more partnerships with pharmacy system vendors, as well as expanded coverage of on-demand phone interpreting to 156 languages.”

ScriptPro: Mike Coughlin, President and CEO

“There’s a new inventory management tool that integrates with its SP Central workflow to provide real-time inventory tracking, order generation, electronic transmission, and inventory receiving for inpatient and outpatient customers; an SP Central Enterprise Server that provides centralized information synchronization for pharmacy operations with multiple locations; a Pharmacy Services Portal (PSP) that will checks patients into pharmacies, notify pharmacy staff of the check-in, print patient tickets, call patients to the pharmacy pickup windows and exception areas, and broadcasts pharmacy waiting room statistics to pharmacy staff; Health Messaging Services (HMS) that allows healthcare institutions to connect remotely situated healthcare providers directly with healthcare staff to support and facilitate remote prescription and medication order inspection and verification; Third Party Management System (TPMS) to oversee all aspects of contracts, third-party billing, and collection of third-party prescription reimbursements, including 340B prescriptions; and, finally, a 340B management package that for the SP Central pharmacy management system. Functional enhancements for the pharmacy management system will include NCPDP vD.0 support, multilanguage sig, prescription pricing groups and competitive pricing, and enterprise data synchronization functionality. There will also be enhanced security features, with support for smart cards for two-factor authentication in SP Central workflow with electronic door locks for robotics.”

SoftWriters: Tim Tannert, Vice President of Operations

“We will introduce new FrameworkLTC functionality for short-cycle dispensing to allow pharmacies flexibility in submitting claims to Part D plans in order to maximize reimbursement; a NCPDP Script direct interfacing; and NPI Validation to reduce the risk of audit takebacks. We will also offer enhanced workflow of electronic orders to accommodate multiple order sources of electronic prescriptions. Enhanced delivery information and interfacing capabilities. Also we will be building on the foundation we placed into production in 2012 as the first commercially available LTC software solution to be certified for electronic prescribing of controlled substances, we expect continual enhancements as the provider side of the industry looks to take advantage of this functionality.”

Speed Script: Heath Reynolds, Director of Business Development

“We will introduce bidirectional SMS texting for patient compliance and medication adherence; applications for mobile devices; prior authorization services; and expanded multiple language capabilities. We are expanding our long-term care/eMAR software features and enhancing reporting capabilities to maximize outcomes pertaining to data contained in the system.”

TeleManager: Paul Kobylevsky, Vice President

“We have new social media marketing tools on tap, which will allow patients to refill prescriptions on Facebook, a new mobile app release that will deliver second language options and the ability to have two-way communication between patients and pharmacists. We will also offer additional marketing capabilities in Facebook app and new release of mobile app with second language options and two-way communication between patients and pharmacists.”

Weno Exchange: Tina Goodman, CEO

“There will be a focus on Script 10.6 XML messaging and the company’s model that offers a choice between a monthly flat fee or a transaction fee.”