As a high quality Pharmacy Services Administrative Organization (PSAO) representing 2,500 pharmacies, Arete Pharmacy Network’s value proposition is two-fold; serving as a channel that delivers high performing pharmacies to payers and an advocate of the pharmacy that strives to reduce the burden of doing business and meeting regulatory and payer requirements.

Market Trends

Narrow Networks: The primary purpose of a PSAO is to help pharmacies gain access to patient lives while maximizing revenue opportunities. In today’s market, the number of narrow networks continues to rise and along with this comes increased restriction to access. The team at Arete Pharmacy Network utilizes data analytics to gain insight into the rate and access implications of contracts and, in partnership with our advisory boards of pharmacies, determine the appropriate contract access decisions.

Quality Performance: Historically, the CMS Star Rating System has been the yardstick by which quality improvement in healthcare delivery is measured for the Medicare program. Increasingly, the Medicaid and private payer markets are placing an emphasis on quality performance also, pointing to a very present need to make necessary tools and resources available to pharmacies in order to help them successfully navigate these requirements.

“Arete Pharmacy Network’s service portfolio is strongly founded on the concept of quality. Our specialized knowledge in this area allows us to conduct thorough analyses and provide solutions to pharmacies designed to help them make necessary adjustments that will increase the likelihood of incentive payments and savings on DIR fees.”

Rob McMahan, Pharm.D., M.B.A.
Chief Executive Officer
Arete Pharmacy Network

Program Differentiation

During the on-boarding process for a pharmacy joining Arete Pharmacy Network, data related to compliance and credentialing requirements is collected for review. This is an important safeguard for both pharmacies and payers. Once successfully enrolled, there is a continuous review of the data by the team at Arete Pharmacy Network and this serves the purpose of guiding the pharmacy towards meeting and/or exceeding quality measures, most of which are tied to reimbursement. A mix of innovative technology and in-house expertise garnered over a period of more than 35 years enables our team to identify, build, and sustain solutions that directly impact the operational, financial, and quality-related aspects of pharmacy business.

Solutions such as Central Pay and the Quality Center—a comprehensive web-based toolkit for quality performance—are individualized for each pharmacy. For the pharmacy, the ultimate value is the benefit derived from the data analytics process of matching contract and quality-related information. Pharmacies are provided with actionable information that can increase both quality scores and revenue.

Total number of pharmacies: 2,500
Contact information: 866.429.7747 or 866.709.1179.


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