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Creating a Clinical Environment for Pharmacy Practice

Cheri Schmit, pharmacist and director of clinical pharmacy for GRX Holdings, LLC, in West Des Moines, Iowa, has a passion for clinical care, and...
AmerisourceBergen pharmacy ownership transition services

Pharmacy Ownership Transition: A Primer

ONE OF THE KEY ISSUES  facing independent community pharmacy is ownership transition.  And with more than 35% of current pharmacy owners age 55 or...
Terry Cater, PerceptiMed, VP of Sales and Marketing

Pharmacy Rescue

What can you learn about how you should manage your pharmacy from observing where others are having success? My answer is that you should learn how to manage it as if you are going to sell your business tomorrow. The implication is that you want to sell your business for the best price you can get. You get the best price if you have created the most value. You should be working every day to create the most value that you possibly can.

Road Trip Reveals Secrets of Successful Pharmacies in Alaska

Bruce Kneeland took to the road and visited pharmacies in Alaska of all types of ownership, size, and markets served. He found they share four business strategies that have made them successful.

A Model for Success

“Free up the pharmacist” is the mantra that drives the vision of Randy P. McDonough, R.Ph., director of clinical services, and co-owner Mike Deninger,...

The Patient Safety Act — Always One Day Closer to a...

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for an outstanding safety performance yesterday. We are one day closer to our next fatal crash.” When...

Not Your Father’s Toolbox: New Ready-to-Run Artificial Intelligence Business Tools

“We think it is inevitable that artificial intelligence will begin to play a bigger role in the pharmacy,” says Michael Wysong, CEO of CARE...

Smart Buying on Short-Date Inventory Benefits Bottom Line

Software vendors have combined their areas of expertise to launch an SaaS-based tool that can save any size pharmacy money in inventory purchasing.
Absolute Pharmacy, North Canton, Ohio

Fitting into the Continuum of Care

The plan for growth at Absolute Pharmacy includes increased prescription fill speed and multidose cards, thanks to Synergy Medical automation. Stringent regulations, competitive demands from facilities, and the push to a home-based model all stem from the overall goal to reduce the hospital readmission rate.

Not Your Father’s Toolbox: New Ready-to-Run Artificial Intelligence Business Tools

Next-generation artificial intelligence wonders tap into the technology’s ability to do a lot of the thinking and strategizing for you. Of course, it’s always your call if you want to trust an entity whose heart literally beats with all the warmth of an Intel or similar multiprocessor. But if you’re curious about what the future of what business software will look like for pharmacists, here’s a sampling of what’s coming down the pike.