If you are considering blister pack automation to grow revenue at your pharmacy, here are features to consider:

  • Number of medication canisters: 

    Goal is to minimize any required manual placement.  Studies have shown that 350 different solid oral meds will cover 98% of what is required to fill blister packs

  • Easy calibration of medication canisters

    Are there costs or wait times associated with a manufacturer change?
  • Assess workflow
    Will the automation truly enable you to be more efficient?  Stated production speed is important, but can it be maintained in a real-life environment?
  • Flexibility:
    Ability to control selection of the consumable, adapt to different patient groups, opt for a less costly card, etc.
  • Proven Technology:

Operating successfully in various pharmacy environments over many years, with reference sites that you can access

  • Vendor or Partner? 

Given your significant capital investment, will the automation provider work with you to address your particular business needs, and will that support be sustained over the years?

Checklist courtesy of Synergy Medical. Read a case study in our Sept/Oct 2017 issue.