Mike Fapore, R.Ph., owns a busy Medicine Shoppe in Somerset, Pa.

A Worthwhile Investment: A New Way with Workflow

Mike Fapore, R.Ph., owns a busy Medicine Shoppe in Somerset, Pa. During the summer of 2013 Fapore realized that the number of prescriptions he and his staff were filling was making it hard for him to spend time with patients. So he decided the time had come to make some major changes.

(Finally) Writing the Check for New Automation

Medi-Thrift Pharmacy is a small-town retail pharmacy that’s been in business in LaFayette, Ga., since 1979. In this interview, co-owners Neal Florence, R.Ph., and Heather Staton, Pharm.D., discuss why this was the year to finally make the investment in robotic dispensing in the form of a Kirby Lester KL60.

Roadmap to Innovation: New Services in the Cloud

VUCA Health CEO David Medvedeff talks about what it takes to develop a cloud-based service for pharmacy and about gaining traction for a new way of doing things, both with pharmacists and state pharmacy boards.

Thinking Outside the Box

Fear of the unknown can stop many owners from implementing new business services. At Citrus Pharmacy in Redlands, Calif., owner Prasad Reddy tried pricing services from PhaRetail Management Solutionsaver on a small scale and now says he wishes he had started using it sooner.

What’s in a Domain? Fighting Fraudulent Online Pharmacy

Carmen Catizone, executive director of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and the secretary of the association’s executive committee, talks about NABP’s new top-level domain .pharmacy, the board’s next step in fighting fraudulent online pharmacies.

Explore Your Financing Options for Automation Systems

When a pharmacy makes a technology purchase, there are a variety of factors to consider: the impact on workflow, the benefits to patient safety, and ROI, for example. But what about the smartest way to finance the investment? Learn about the key financing concept, and what you can do to gather information to make a sound financing decision. It can be the difference between a good investment and a great investment in your pharmacy.

Concierge POS Delivery

Frank Bieda, R.Ph., manager of Community Surgery Center Pharmacy in Munster, Ind., developed a pilot bedside medication delivery service into a full-time program by deploying mobile POS in a process that is effective for the pharmacy and easy for the patient.

Will-Call Automation: The Next Frontier

Technology has been a very cost-effective solution to address growing prescription volumes and a building block for the evolving workflow in pharmacies. However, the main focus to date has been on the tasks taking place from prescription intake through dispensing and out to final verification. But there’s value in applying technology to the final step, will-call, as can be seen in the takeaways from a study conducted by The ThomsenGroup.

Mastering the DSCSA: Embracing the Law to Protect Patient Health

DSCSA, also known as track & trace, poses compliance challenges for pharmacies. You now must think through the different approaches to compliance, and figure out how you can approach DSCSA as an opportunity to embrace the future of the supply chain while also preserving the age-old patient-centric priorities of the pharmacy.