Central Fill 

  • Orders in RFID-tagged pucks start at the bottler for labeling.
  • The puck travels via conveyor directly into a ScriptPro robot to be filled.
  • It then goes to PV1, where a pharmacist verifies the medication is correct.
  • It then goes to the autocapper.
  • If there’s just one prescription, the next stop is the autobagger, where all necessary paperwork is printed out.
  • The system drops everything in the bag, seals it, and puts it back on the conveyor to go out to the sortation room.
  • If there’s more than one medication in the order or if one needs an easy-open cap (which the autocapper does not accommodate), then these go directly to the sortation table for bagging by clerks. This is where all of a patient’s medications are married together so that only one bag per patient is delivered.
  • Bags with complete orders are scanned and collated by conveyor by store number.
  • Each store’s orders are sealed at the end of the day and picked up for next-day delivery by a courier for dispensing at the pharmacy or for delivery to the patient via the local store’s own drivers.
  • The process is hands-free for many prescriptions, except for verification.