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July/August 2016

George Pennebaker, Pharm.D.

Drug Costs, Wine Coding, Mumblings

It seems like every day there is another ranting about drug prices — understandably so. They are high and they keep getting higher. Nobody seems to be able to control them.

What Technologies Are Employers Asking For?

Bill just returned from a health benefit managers’ business coalition meeting where national leaders were telling attendees that employers need to control healthcare costs going forward.
Bill Lockwood, Chairman/Publisher

Interesting Developments

DIR are nothing more than a rip-off of pharmacies by the PBMs, a number of HIEs are on shaky ground financially, and just the latest on CMS HITECH onboarding of noneligible providers such as pharmacies for Medicaid programs.

The Tools that Are Gaining the Most Traction in the Chain Setting Today

The results are in for our annual look at the state of the chain technology market. We’ll highlight key findings from our 2016 survey in a roundtable discussion among three chain pharmacy executives.
Marsha K. Millonig, B.Pharm., M.B.A. Catalyst Enterprises

Upping Your Game

Pharmacies are now competing on so many fronts — to be in payer networks, to offer additional services, to achieve high-quality metrics to retain patients — it is a challenge to evaluate all of the options and determine the best approach to be successful.
George Pennebaker, Pharm.D.

A Bit of History

Fifty years ago (1966) Medicaid started to exist. I was the staff person in charge of all the Medi-Cal drug program’s policies.There are many fascinating stories to tell.
Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions Inc. Logo

Final AMP Rule: Industry Implications

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published the Medicaid Program Covered Outpatient Drugs final rule in the Federal Register on February 1. This publication ended a 10-year regulatory odyssey that began in 2006.
Synergy Medical

Disrupting Workflow to Reach the New World of Pharmacy

Rubicon Pharmacies' chief business development officer, Michael Wright. Rubicon Pharmacies Canada Inc. owns and operates drug stores in Western Canada. Its chief business development officer,...

The Adherence Advantage: Synmed Automation and Multidose Dispensing

In a conversation with Trey Tollstam from Synergy Medical, we hear how the incentives with star ratings are moving pharmacies toward different strategies. Maybe...