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The Business of Running a Pharmacy

Learn about the skills and tools that can lead to greater success in pharmacy business management. For example, discover the latest inventory and purchasing support platforms, point-of-sale systems for front-end and prescription sales.

2018 Pharmacy Technology Forecast

The Pharmacy Technology Forecast

2018 is just about here, and most pharmacies will have already been thinking about strategy for the coming year. What will the key trends be? Where are the best places to put investment? How can you get more out of technology investments you’ve already made? And what markets will be growing and offering new revenue opportunities? Here we take a look at what a number of pharmacy technology vendors see as the priorities for 2018.

Road Trip Reveals Secrets of Successful Pharmacies in Alaska

Bruce Kneeland took to the road and visited pharmacies in Alaska of all types of ownership, size, and markets served. He found they share four business strategies that have made them successful.
Terry Cater, PerceptiMed, VP of Sales and Marketing

Pharmacy Rescue

What can you learn about how you should manage your pharmacy from observing where others are having success? My answer is that you should learn how to manage it as if you are going to sell your business tomorrow. The implication is that you want to sell your business for the best price you can get. You get the best price if you have created the most value. You should be working every day to create the most value that you possibly can.
Integra LTC Solutions director of product management Louie Foster

Managing LTC Pharmacy Complexity with Process Automation

A long-term care pharmacy staff’s day is filled with multiple, detailed, and repetitive processes that require constant time and attention, and even then can...

PSAOs: Giving Independents the Power to Compete

Pharmacy services administrative organizations, or PSAOs, play a central role for today’s independent and small chain pharmacies. Find out how these organizations have evolved and what you should expect from a modern PSAO.
Wes Moffett, President, Printed Solutions

Know Your Options: Printing in Pharmacy

When we think of pharmacy technology, we typically think of improvements to robotics, pill counters, or IVR (interactive voice response). Printers are simply a means to...
Mitch Archer, Senior Systems Analyst, PioneerRx

8 Steps to Get The Most Out of Your Perpetual Inventory System

So you just installed a new inventory management system. All your worries are over because the computer magically does all the work, right? Far...
2018 ComputerTalk Pharmacy Buyers Guide Datascan Pharmacy System Independent Pharmacy

DataScan – Offering the Ultimate Trifecta

ComputerTalk’s featured vendor this week is DataScan Pharmacy, Inc., a family-owned pharmacy management company that was one of the first computer vendors providing software...
ComputerTalk July/August 2018 Chain Pharmacy Report

The 2018 Chain Market Report

In this conversation we talk with SaluMed Pharmacy Owner Tomas Diaz, R.Ph., and Thrifty White Pharmacy’s Director of Specialty Pharmacy Jeremy Faulks, Pharm.D., about the...
Matthew Catanzaro, R.Ph. Director of Correctional Services, Diamond Pharmacy

Pharmacy System Metrics: Getting the Right Software, Hardware,  and Workflow

IT IS NO SECRET THAT PHARMACY margins are shrinking and pharmacists are expected to do more and more to try to keep up profits. In...