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Tools for Safe and Accurate Prescription Filling

Tools for prescription dispensing, including workflow systems and barcode scanning, automation technology such as robotics and table-top counters, and adherence packaging and will-call bin management, as well as the latest for drug interaction and pharmacogenetic review.


The State of Automation: Trends in Chain Pharmacy

RxMedic Vice President David Williams has been around pharmacy technology for over 30 years. This has given him a keen eye for trends, and...
RxSafe RapidPakRx strip packaging technology

RxSafe Provides Answers in Wake of Amazon/PillPack

Amazon rocked the pharmacy world in a big way last month with the announcement of its estimated $1 billion acquisition of PillPack, a 5-year-old...
Wes Moffett, President, Printed Solutions

Know Your Options: Printing in Pharmacy

When we think of pharmacy technology, we typically think of improvements to robotics, pill counters, or IVR (interactive voice response). Printers are simply a means to...
Don Brindisi, R.Ph., Masonic Villages Pharmacy TCGRx SmartCardRx

Technology-Guided Packaging: Better Med Organization at Masonic Villages

The Masonic Villages of Pennsylvania provide a full continuum of retirement living, personal care, and nursing services at five locations across the state. The Masonic...

It Makes Sense: Enhanced Inventory Control with a Counting Machine

When the California State Board of Pharmacy revised its regulations to mandate a quarterly physical count of Schedule II medications starting April 1, it raised...

Business Solutions That Make a Difference

You’ve got to have a plan for your pharmacy. No matter how good or how broad an array of technology you have, or how on...
Matthew Catanzaro, R.Ph. Director of Correctional Services, Diamond Pharmacy

Pharmacy System Metrics: Getting the Right Software, Hardware,  and Workflow

IT IS NO SECRET THAT PHARMACY margins are shrinking and pharmacists are expected to do more and more to try to keep up profits. In...
Mitch Archer, Senior Systems Analyst, PioneerRx

8 Steps to Get The Most Out of Your Perpetual Inventory System

So you just installed a new inventory management system. All your worries are over because the computer magically does all the work, right? Far...
2018 Pharmacy Technology Forecast

The Pharmacy Technology Forecast

2018 is just about here, and most pharmacies will have already been thinking about strategy for the coming year. What will the key trends be? Where are the best places to put investment? How can you get more out of technology investments you’ve already made? And what markets will be growing and offering new revenue opportunities? Here we take a look at what a number of pharmacy technology vendors see as the priorities for 2018.

The Patient Safety Act — Always One Day Closer to a Fatality?

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for an outstanding safety performance yesterday. We are one day closer to our next fatal crash.” When...