Central Fill

  • After adjudication in the HBS pharmacy system, prescriptions go into the Innovation PharmASSIST Symphony workflow program.
  • Currently, filling is done using PharmASSIST SmartCabinets.
  • Everything is driven by barcode, which is particularly important for security of the shipments and patient privacy once prescriptions leave the central site.
  • The retail stores get a report that they use to receive the orders delivered from central and place them in will-call drawers. All this is done with barcode scanning.
  • Tracking each step of the way lets Medical Center Pharmacy track packages so everything is barcoded and scanned.

New workflow at Medical Center Pharmacy will look like this:

  • After adjudication in the HBS pharmacy system, prescriptions will go to the queue in the RDS robotics pod.
  • The robotic arm will grab and fill a vial.
  • The label will print and a picture is taken of what’s in the vial.
  • The vial will be capped and put on a tray.
  • The conveyor belt takes the vials to a nesting area.
  • The pharmacist verification screen will be divided into quadrants showing the pills in the vial, a reference image based on the NDC, the scan of the script, and the label the RDS printed.
  • From there it goes to the delivery hub for routing.