2018 ComputerTalk Pharmacy Buyers Guide Datascan Pharmacy System Independent Pharmacy

ComputerTalk’s featured vendor this week is DataScan Pharmacy, Inc., a family-owned pharmacy management company that was one of the first computer vendors providing software to pharmacy since 1981.

Datascan specializes in pharmacy management software, as well as our point-of-sale, workflow, and mobile applications that all tie into each other. The windows-based software has a plethora of must-have features, which you can read about in the company’s vendor profile in our 2018 Buyers Guide. Many of the features come from client suggestions and feedback, as the company believes strongly in supporting its clients. As they say at their website they offer “clients the ultimate “trifecta”: Pricing, technology, and service — the three most important factors when choosing a software vendor.” Read more here.

Second-generation owner/president Kevin Minassian contributed to our November/December forecast cover story (read the story here). He is a proponent of independent pharmacy, and speaks passionately about how vendors can be partners in pharmacy’s success, and that there is still a lot of upside in the industry for independents. This partnership is particularly important when pharmacists open a new store. There are good recommendations in a recent blog post at the company’s website about what to look for in a vendor and how Datascan’s service and fiercely independent vision means results for its customers (read more Datascan blogs here).

To get more information on Datascan, email direct at sales@datascanpharmacy.com or visit www.Datascanpharmacy.com.