Integra has released the latest version of its flagship workflow and content management solution, DocuTrack, in conjunction with QS/1’s PrimeCare Service Pack 19.1.20. DocuTrack Version 6.6 offers new features and functionality for the Integra customer base, along with additional PrimeCare integration.

“We have completely rewritten our viewer to provide performance, stability, and usability enhancements,” says Louie Foster, DocuTrack product director. “Users will be especially pleased with the simplicity of custom stamp setup and use. We were also able to work closely with QS/1 on Service Pack 20, adding integration to eliminate keystrokes, speed load times, and further automate manual processes.”

Some key features in Version 6.6 include:

  • Individual custom stamp menus to enable quick access to frequently used stamps.
  • The Audit Assist feature now better supports new Colorado requirements.
  • Enhanced integration with QS/1 allows direct load of electronic prescription messages and prescriptions.
  • Over 180 fill-in forms fields are now available to QS/1 users.
  • Forms now support multiple associations of the same type, such as multiple prescriptions.
  • Address book contacts representing distribution lists now support up to 85 phone numbers.
  • Changes to watermark displays now meet Ohio state board regulations for scheduled drugs.