INDUSTRY WATCH: July/August 2014

Integra Releases New Versions

The company has announced that DocuTrack version 5.5 and DeliveryTrack 4.2.1 are now available for implementation.

The latest DocuTrack version includes a number of new features, among which are a direct interface with Integra’s Cloud Fax Service, new system alerts to help identify telephony/ fax issues, support for the Nextra prescription and manifest barcodes, and user ability to select default print options for annotations.

New to version 4.2.1 of DeliveryTrack are the following features: system validation that the correct items are scanned at point of delivery, which can be performed at a tote, manifest, or Rx level; validation that all items intended to go on a specific route are scanned before leaving the pharmacy; and time zone support for handheld, server, and dispatch workstations, even though they may be deployed in different time zones.