There is power in knowing. And you can further elevate your pharmacy business when you put knowledge to use to make informed decisions. Every pharmacy has a treasure trove of information.

Daily prescription processing results in so many data points that it can be overwhelming, but you can put that data to meaningful use.

Amber_Moffitt_Mevesi_Product_ManagerAmber Moffitt
Mevesi Product Manager
Years with Company: 12
Expertise/Interests: Big data, pharmacy workflow and business processes
Favorite Aspect of Working in Pharmacy: No two pharmacies are the same, yet they all share a common goal of taking care of the patient the best way possible.

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Mevesi® simplifies number crunching and provides easy-to-use dashboards, scorecards, and reports that present a clear picture of how your pharmacy is doing and where there is opportunity for growth.

Consider these three Mevesi features that can turn your data into power:

Question: What does the breakdown of my revenue look like?
Answer: The Revenue Dashboard visually displays a year’s worth of monthly script volume that is broken down into four categories: New Business, Organic Growth, Existing Business, and Script Count.
Power: Develop a strategy to turn New Business into Organic Growth.

Question: Is my business growing or shrinking overall?
Answer: The Performance Scorecard identifies trends across variable points in time to display increases or decreases in values.
Power: Develop a plan to address categories that are trending downward. For example, if revenue per business day is trending downward, consider extending business hours.

Question: Are my customers/patients consistently filling their medication(s)?
Answer: The Proportion of Days Covered Report displays an overall patient PDC percentage with drill-downs to identify per-medication PDC percentage.
Power: Target patients who have the lowest PDC score to increase medication adherence. This will benefit not only the patient but also your pharmacy’s revenue.

The healthcare industry is ever-changing and pharmacies are feeling the pressure more than ever. Mevesi can help transform your pharmacy into a revenue-building operation so you can focus on what matters most to you — the wellbeing of your patients.