Notes from a 2013 NCPA Annual Convention Colleagues in Consultation Round Table

 With ComputerTalk Senior Editor Will Lockwood

At the recent 115th NCPA Annual Convention ComputerTalk senior editor Will Lockwood had the opportunity to facilitate a Colleagues in Consultation round table that aimed to determine what mobile device apps are doing for pharmacy customers and patients now, and what pharmacists would like to see them do in the next few years. The conversation built in part on a presentation that Lockwood gave during the conventions Technology Seminar. You can access that presentation by clicking on the image at left.

What are pharmacy and general retail apps doing now that’s useful? What would pharmacists like to see pharmacy apps doing in the near future? Here’s what a group of NCPA Annual Convention attendees thought:

  • Adherence: build reminders for customers.
  • Interactive questions to find out if patients know what the med is for and if they have trouble remembering to take meds, with the goal of helping provide them with the right adherence tools.
  • A general health survey feature with recommendations at end.
  • Make med review, Part D plan selection, and MTM appointments.
  • Allow the patient to record that he/she took a pill at the right time.
  • Pill image database.
  • Integrated video/text for med information.
  • Text/push message for general information about pharmacy offerings.
  • Opt-in for deals and commercial messaging.
  • Support for multiple anguages.
  • Scan OTC items for details, complementary items and recommendations, or contraindications and prompts to speak with pharmacists (contraindications might be specific to patient profile with app log in to patient profile.
  • RSVP for clinics and seminars
  • Check into store and get virtual scratch off with offer as a reward or alternately location-based service that announces the customer to the pharmacy when he/she arrives.
  • Look to APIs to build in existing tools: Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook sign-in, LevelUp for payment and rewards, etc.

There was also interest in learning about the most efficient ways to drive app adoption among customers and recognition that there’s a very diverse range of mobile devices out there and a very diverse population using them.

What would you like to see apps do?