INDUSTRY WATCH: November/December 2014

What Patients Want to Know

New patient research commissioned by McKesson

Patient Relationship Solutions identified emerging trends in medication adherence, the use of co-pay cards, and attitudes toward physicians and pharmacists. The research spanned six therapeutic categories. Findings were compared with similar research done in 2011. The new research found the following:

  • 61% of patients were more concerned about their condition than any other health issue, compared with 33% in 2011. However, more patients indicated that they do not understand their condition, compared to 2011. Nearly one-third would like their doctor to spend more time with them to explain their condition and medications.
  • Patients are less interested in general information about their condition and more interested in personal communications from various healthcare players in the form of refill reminders, live phone support, and pharmacist coaching.
  • Patients are increasingly satisfied with their primary retail pharmacy experience, with more than half relying on their pharmacist for information about their medication, such as side effects. While physicians remain the primary source from which patients learn about co-pay cards and discount options, an increasing number are looking for information from the pharmacist and other sources. More than a third indicated that they have asked their pharmacist about options for lower-cost medications, and 71% indicated they would be more likely to fill their prescription if the pharmacist provided a medication discount card or coupon.