PerceptiMed, the Silicon Valley based hi-tech pharmacy automation company, has entered into a co-marketing agreement with PBA Health, one of the nation’s largest pharmacy group purchasing organizations (GPO). The agreement allows the PBA Health marketing department to introduce the benefits of PerceptiMed’s scripClip™ will-call automation system to their nearly 3,000 member pharmacy locations.

Nick Smock, Pharm.D.
Nick Smock, Pharm.D.

Nick Smock, CEO of Kansas City, Mo., based PBA Health, says he believes the system will help pharmacies operate more efficiently and provide better customer service. “I think the risk mitigation benefits of the system are among the strongest reasons a pharmacy will want to install this pick-to-light will-call system.” With 10,000 people turning 65 every day, the number of prescriptions the typical pharmacy fills continues to grow. Smock says he thinks the time has come for pharmacies to install a system like scripClip since, as pharmacies get busier, it is important to find new and better ways to ensure every prescription is given to the correct patient.

Frank Starn CEO PerceptiMed
Frank Starn

Frank StarnFrank Starn, CEO of PerceptiMed, says he is pleased that PBA Health has become a co-marketing partner. “PBA Health is one of the country’s largest and most progressive GPOs. The company has an outstanding reputation, a dedicated field sales team and operates in every region of the county.” Starn adds, as part of the co-marketing agreement, PerceptiMed will be exhibiting at the combined Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma and PBA Health national trade show. Known as The Unify Conference, the trade show will be held June 12–14, 2020, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.