QS/1 has become the first pharmacy management system vendor to
partner with Appriss Health for use of its NARxCHECK program.
Integration of NARxCHECK into the pharmacy’s workflow provides
pharmacists with real-time access to data collected by prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs). NARxCHECK provides insight into a person’s
controlled substance use with risk scores.

“It’s a unique exchange of
information that can alert of possible overuse or abuse of prescription drugs,” says Ed Vess, senior manager of market analysts for QS/1 and
president of the South Carolina Pharmacy Association. “Pharmacists can access PDMP data and NARxCHECK metrics from within the QS/1 pharmacy
management system.”

With this integration, QS/1
improves the exchange of information between Appriss Health and the pharmacy to analyze a patient’s prescription profile against PDMP data.

One of the benefits of
NARxCHECK is that PDMP data can be shared across state lines. If a patient is having prescriptions filled in other states where this
information is exchanged with Appriss Health, it can potentially share that data with the pharmacist as well.