QS/1 has announced a partnership with Updox to offer Pharmacy Connect, a web-based care coordination suite that helps pharmacists securely exchange patient information with healthcare providers and engage patients.

Pharmacy Connect gives pharmacies the tools to manage all types of communications, from direct messaging to electronic faxes. The portal improves patient communication by sending messages and completing forms with information that pharmacists can share with the patient’s physician. With Pharmacy Connect, pharmacists can also receive clinical files from a physician’s electronic health record system and send the patient a secure notification to access an online appointment system for medication therapy management (MTM). Once the MTM is completed, the pharmacist can send a secure message with results back to the physician.

“Community pharmacies are working at a record pace to provide the best care possible to patients,” says Crystal Ratliff, QS/1 market analyst. “Pharmacy Connect is no doubt the industry leader that can help those pharmacies improve communications with physicians, offer patients unique online resources, and improve cash flow by taking advantage of things like MTM opportunities, and just having a product to make the pharmacy more readily available to its patients.”