INDUSTRY WATCH: November/December 2015
QS/1 has received Heartland EMV certification, which allows QS/1 to process the chip-embedded EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) credit cards, the new standard for credit-card safety.

“The EMV chip cards are the next step in helping protect customers from credit card fraud,” says Sonny Anderson, QS/1’s VP of systems and technology. “The certification from Heartland means our customers are protected from the liability shift included in the EMV standard.” The financial liability has shifted to merchants who are not EMV compliant in cases where a counterfeit chip-embedded card is used at a terminal that only accepts a card with a magnetic strip.

QS/1 also announced that it has released an iPad application for prescription delivery that does not require an Internet connection or cellular signal. The new product, QS/1 DeliveryRx, is an Apple-approved app that downloads transactions, captures signatures, accepts payments, and allows deliveries for multiple stores. “This new app allows pharmacies to show their commitment to top-notch customer service and place themselves ahead of the competition,” says Justin Buckland, QS/1 market analyst.