QS/1 has developed a new interface to Integra’s DeliveryTrack for its SystemOne and Point-of-Sale systems. The company sees this as a game changer for community pharmacies trying to improve, or begin offering, delivery services.

The interface seamlessly connects to DeliveryTrack 6.1, offering an array of delivery services through a low-cost, cloud-hosted version of DeliveryTrack. Combining these two platforms streamlines the process and saves money for the pharmacy.

Among its many features, DeliveryTrack 6.1 gives the pharmacy prescription-level verification of the delivery process. What is scheduled to go out with a driver makes it out the door and onto a route with auditable proof of delivery that flows back to the pharmacy in real time. It also offers integration with national carriers for delivery.

The interfaces to SystemOne and Point-of-Sale allow for counseling messages and driver’s license scanning for controlled substances. Pharmacies can also structure reports to manage drivers, keep track of delivery volumes, and take care of reconciliation and inventory updates.