is expanding its medication management services to deliver
messages and alerts directly into the provider’s electronic health record (EHR) during the patient visit.
The more than 6,300 providers
using software from Agastha, Aprima Medical Software, MedConnect, and PrognoCIS will have near real-time data about how a patient is doing on
his or her medication regimen.

Surescript’s Medication Management for
Adherence provides a closed-loop feedback and collaboration between physician and payer, and is optimized in the EHR workflow for the
physician to use during the patient visit.

“Medication nonadherence takes a huge
toll on the patient’s well-being, as well as the cost of care. But physicians can only address the issue if they are armed with the correct
information when it matters most — during the patient’s visit,” says Tom Skelton, CEO of Surescripts. “Our network’s unrivaled connectivity
revolutionizes the use of valuable insights from payers, combined with innovative EHR technologies that enhance patient outcomes, giving
physicians a digital snapshot of whether or not their patients are adhering to their medication, so that they can intervene when needed.”