CareVention HealthCare PACE servicesTabula Rasa HealthCare® has announced a client retention rate of 99.1% in the PACE (Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) market to begin 2020.

PACE organizations nationwide rely on TRHC’s PACE division, CareVention HealthCare™, for technology, services, and consulting to optimize outcomes and maintain regulatory compliance.  CareVention’s lead offering for PACE providers is medication safety and pharmacy services, which features proprietary medication risk mitigation software and pharmacists who are board-certified in geriatrics to improve medication outcomes, increase adherence, and reduce participant hospitalizations.

“TRHC continues to advance the science and practice of medication risk mitigation through our technology platforms and personalized pharmacotherapy approach,” said TRHC Chairman and CEO, Calvin H. Knowlton, Ph.D. “Our continued high retention rates and multi-year contract renewals demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions and the value CareVention services provide PACE.”

PACE is a federal program providing comprehensive medical and social services to individuals 55 and older who are nursing-home eligible. The goal of PACE is to keep participants living in their own communities while receiving medical care and support services. Currently, 131 PACE organizations operate 263 PACE centers in 31 states, serving more than 51,000 participants.