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Pharmacogenetics in the Pharmacy: What’s Ahead

Unlike traditional drug interaction alerts that pop up the pharmacy system, pharmacogenetics takes into account how an individual metabolism processes a drug. With more...
Robert Alesiani, Pharm.D., BCGP Chief Pharmacotherapy Officer Tabula Rasa HealthCare Moorestown, N.J.

Why Pharmacogenetics Is Important

Most drugs taken on a daily basis require some enzymatic response for metabolism. Whether making the molecule more water soluble for elimination by the...

Pharmacy-Based Clinical Services: From Pharmacogenetics to Chronic Care

Pharmacy has been in a state of evolution for some time now, with consistent effort from many sides within the profession to integrate a...

A Link Between Value-Based Care, Medication Safety, and Pharmacy Practice Software

More from the May/June 2017 Cover Story, Raising the Bar in Long-Term Care Pharmacy... Tabula Rasa Healthcare CEO Cal Knowlton offers a couple of thoughts for us to ponder regarding pharmacy in general and LTC pharmacy in particular, including the medication safety metrics by which pharmacy will be measured.