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The Best Ideas for Pharmacy 2024

A look at some of the best ideas for pharmacy to improve operations, meet challenges, and make a difference in 2024. We’ll take a look at how pharmacies are positioned at the confluence of evolving healthcare needs, technological advancements, and regulatory changes, with an ever-growing opportunity to provide a broader range of services beyond traditional medication dispensing.
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacy Randy Hoggle Advasur Optimization of Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacy

Optimization of Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacy

Many external factors control the potential of the application of artificial Intelligence (AI) for pharmacies in patient care, business applications, and regulatory compliance programming. Read about the areas in which pharmacies should be looking to apply AI.
GS1 US DSCSA Implementation Suite

Why You Need to Know About GS1 and EPCIS for DSCSA Compliance

Here are the action steps that your pharmacy needs to take to be able to receive Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) advance shipment notices as product leaves your supplier’s warehouse to ensure you accurately receive the prescription products you ordered, including why you need to register your pharmacy with GS1 to set up a Global Location Number (GLN) and Serialized GLN (SGLN).
DSCSA Compliance Costs Models Community Pharmacy

Advasur: A Solution for DSCSA Compliance

Randy Hoggle, B.Pharm., D.Ph., M.B.A., managing director of Advasur’s DSCSA Compliance Services Resource Center talks about Advasur’s solution for DSCSA (Drug Supply Chain Security Act)compliance.
DSCSA Compliance Costs Models Community Pharmacy

Cost Options for DSCSA Compliance

In the final article of this series, Randy Hoggle defines the range of options to be DSCSA compliant, and the costs.