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Buy or Build?

Progressive pharmacies look to technology to help them accomplish their goals. But the burning question is: Should chain pharmacies buy or build such technology? Approximately...
ComputerTalk July/Aug 2017 Cover Chain Pharmacy Market Technology Report

More From The 2017 Chain Survey

Read The 2017 Chain Report Cover Story Here Specialty and Compounding The survey results showed approximately 70% of the chains responding dispense specialty, while just over...
ComputerTalk July/Aug 2017 Cover Chain Pharmacy Market Technology Report

Chain Market Report

In our 2017 survey of chain pharmacies, we get a snapshot of the technology priorities, with a strong response from midsized chains. In a conversation between two chain pharmacy executives, we see how the trends are applied. The conversation ranged across topics such as the major push for technology to support clinical interactions; the best way to stay connected with patients; the key efficiency drivers saving pharmacists’ time; what makes for better retailing; and the current top regulatory and administrative needs.

The Tools that Are Gaining the Most Traction in the Chain...

The results are in for our annual look at the state of the chain technology market. We’ll highlight key findings from our 2016 survey in a roundtable discussion among three chain pharmacy executives.

More From The 2016 Chain Report

Jason Briscoe from Discount Drug Mart, Inc., and Karen Merrill from GRX Holdings offer their thoughts on health information exchange, how to deliver patient education more effectively, rules-based patient-management protocols, and more.

Looking to the Future: Key Technologies Taking Chain Pharmacy to the...

Our annual chain survey brings to the fore trends and challenges on the radar at 17 chain pharmacies, representing over 5,700 locations. Find out what’s happening at the technology core, which technologies are doing the most to position pharmacies at the center of clinical care, and the way technology-based strategies create better connections with patients.

Chain Market Report

This year’s analysis of our annual chain survey pulls together responses from 17 chains representing over 7,300 locations. Get a look into the dynamic world of chain pharmacy as we check on the state of technology, from pharmacy systems to POS, IVR, and automation; find out where the chains are with specialty pharmacy; hear what they are doing to connect with patients via messaging and apps to achieve clinical goals; and more.

The Chain Report

Eighteen chains, representing close to 10,500 locations, provided input for this year’s chain market report. The responses give a quick look at where these chains are in their software and hardware deployment and the current state of clinical services; mobile and social technology; adherence programs; and current regulatory and operational challenges. We also found out what the chains’ top deployed technologies are and what their priorities are for the immediate future.