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Shan Bhide SoftWriters VP of technology

The Impact of Disruptive Technology

Shan Bhide joined SoftWriters earlier this year as VP of technology, where he will lead the product management, development, and quality assurance functions at...
ASCP Transitions of Care Webinars Logo

Transitions of Care Webinar Series for ASCP Members

Transitioning into different care settings with multiple prescribers and complicated modifications in medication regimens contribute to fragmented patient care and suboptimal outcome. For pharmacist...

70 Years And Still Innovating: Phillips Pharmacy Forges Ahead

Wayne MacArdy, R.Ph., is co-owner and managing pharmacist of Phillips Pharmacy, which is in its 70th year serving the people in and around Mauston, Wisc. There are two, separately licensed pharmacies on the site: one is what MacArdy describes as a traditional retail business, while the other is a closed-door operation serving nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.
Tim Tannert, SoftWriters, VP and COO

Building a Strong LTC Foundation

More from the May/June 2017 Cover Story, Raising the Bar in Long-Term Care Pharmacy... Tim Tannert, R.Ph., VP and COO at SoftWriters, shares his thoughts with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood on the best way to create a robust LTC business for your pharmacy.

Navigating Short-Cycle Billing

More from the May/June 2017 Cover Story, Raising the Bar in Long-Term Care Pharmacy...  In January 2013, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented a new federal rule, often called the “short-cycle dispensing rule,” aimed at reducing Medicare waste. As a result, billing for these prescriptions has become more complex, lending itself to possible billing errors that can result in lost revenue for pharmacies. 
Daniel Cutie, R.Ph., and Marilyn Goulty, C.P.A, owners of Cutie Pharma-Care in Greenwich, N.Y.

How Packaging Is Supporting Residential Facility Staff

Marilyn Goulty, Cutie Pharma-Care, explains how residential facility staff and residents benefit from the organization created by compliance packaging.

Collaborate and Connect: How Integration Drives Modern Care Models

Timely data flow is coming to play an ever more central role and, fortunately, there are forward-thinking pharmacies out there that make excellent case studies of what it takes to make collaboration a reality. Grane Rx and SeniorLife are building on a partnership with integration provider BlueStep,BridgeGate Health to create the technology needed to participate in innovative care models.

Forging Ahead: From Retail to LTC to Specialty Pharmacy

Nick Karalis, R.Ph., didn’t get into pharmacy with the idea of running a specialty operation that’s grown into a 17,000-square-foot headquarters building outside of Philadelphia. Instead, he got to where he is through a very natural progression of leveraging the expertise he had developed in his retail and LTC operations, with the latter forming a particularly strong basis for a move to specialty. He tells us how he has applied these skills and his technology platform to the intricacies of patient, administrative, and disease management in specialty pharmacy.