Year in Review: The Most Popular Content Items from ComputerTalk Magazine and

The top five stories from 2015.

1. The Future of Credit-Card Security
Credit-card data breaches have been an ongoing feature of the news cycle, with a number of high-profile cases calling into question the security of customer payment data at even the biggest retail merchants.

2. Solving the Claims Management Puzzle: Protecting Patients and Revenue
There’s a tremendous amount of complexity in pharmacy, including the astounding array of administrative details that go into submitting every claim.

3. Patient Engagement: Driving Pharmacy Performance
Pharmacists are working harder than ever to elevate the level of engagement with patients and with the other members of the care team.

4. Key Technologies Taking Chain Pharmacy to the Next Level
Chains have invested a lot of resources in filling prescriptions as quickly and efficiently as possible, but excellence in this area is no longer sufficient.

5. Proof of Concept: Compliance Packaging at Retail
Why three brothers saw compliance packaging for retail patients as a way to change the game for their pharmacy.