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by Sarah Callioras, C.Ph.T., Director of Sales, Datascan

Independent community pharmacy has seen a major shift toward patient clinical care over the last few years. The days of running a successful business by filling prescriptions has gone by the wayside; no longer are pharmacists considered just pill dispensers. Most states across the country have granted provider status to pharmacists, a huge win for the profession. However, with this status comes an insurmountable list of expectations. PBMs (pharmacy benefit managers) demand better patient compliance as the responsibility of the pharmacist — however, pharmacists are tasked with more while still fighting their next-to-nothing reimbursements. Pharmacists and owners are left scratching their heads wondering what’s next.

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While many pharmacists feel they’re at the mercy of the behemoth PBM, there is still hope for each and every community pharmacy. Organizations like CPESN (Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks) are fighting to bring about industry-wide change. CPESN focuses on patient care services, helping bridge the gap between doctors and pharmacists. By looking at patients’ overall health with a more global approach, CPESN hopes to provide patients with better outcomes. Ultimately, better patient outcomes produce higher reimbursements and bigger profits for in-network pharmacies. In addition, hospitals contracted with CPESN are discharging patients requiring extra care to CPESN pharmacies. CPESN pharmacies are working closely with these patients to reconcile their medications, assess each patient, and develop care plans, also called eCare plans. Datascan is proud to be a level-two integrator with CPESN — providing its network of pharmacy clients a free platform to create eCare plans and directly communicate with CPESN from its pharmacy systems.

“Independent pharmacy owners need to harness the technology already built into their existing systems and put it to work.”
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CPESN was one of the biggest projects and interfaces Datascan has ever taken on. Patient point-of-care service at the pharmacy level is the future of community pharmacy. The average patient sees his or her doctor three times per year, yet sees the pharmacist 30 times. Pharmacists have the ability to intervene, assess, and guide patients to health — now the ultimate goal is getting paid. We encourage everyone to research CPESN and consider joining the network of independent pharmacies. Datascan is a proud partner of CPESN and hopes to continue providing its clients with the technology they need to do more every day.

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