Checklist: Blister Pack Automation*

Blister cards automation can give you competitive advantages. Synergy Medical provided the following checklist when a pharmacy is considering this type of automation and dispensing system. Learn more about SynMed in its Buyers Guide profile.

  • Number of medication canisters The goal should be to minimize any required manual placement. Studies have shown that 350 different solid oral meds will cover 98% of what is required to fill blister packs.*
  • Easy calibration of medication canisters Are there costs or wait times associated with a manufacturer change?
  • Assess workflow Will the automation truly enable you to be more efficient? Stated production speed is important, but can it be maintained in a real-life environment?
  • Flexibility Does the automation give you the ability to control selection of the consumable, adapt to different patient groups, opt for a less costly card, etc.?
  • Proven Technology Do your research and see if the technology has been operating successfully in various pharmacy environments over many years. Ask for references and make site visits. 
  • Vendor or Partner? Given the significant capital investment, will the automation provider work with you to address your particular business needs, and will that support be sustained over the years?

* Sponsored content/statistics provided by Synergy Medical.