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It comes as no surprise that the current state of the healthcare system in the United States has flaws. That aside, there remain highly skilled and passionate medical professionals and pharmacists who work tirelessly to deliver the best possible treatment, care, and follow-up with patients.

But the fact remains that when it comes to prescription medications, adherence on the part of patients — in the form of filling and taking their prescriptions as instructed — is a problem.

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Part of the problem is patient confusion on what prescriptions they should take, in what quantities, and at what frequency. As a pharmacist, you play a vital role in explaining what the medication is and why it is important to take it as instructed.

The high cost of certain medications carries some culpability as well. While nearly 50% of patients do not take their prescription medications as intended, a health-tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that nearly 30% of Americans do not take their prescriptions due to high drug prices. Patients refraining from filling their prescriptions are at a higher risk of ending up in the ER or in the hospital. The consequences for a lack of medication adherence can result in a domino effect on the entire U.S. health system.

While measures are being taken at a federal level to combat the high cost of prescription medications, change can take a long time. We encourage pharmacists to do their part to communicate the importance of adherence. The BestRx Pharmacy Management System is equipped with specific features that enable this to be seamlessly integrated into your everyday practices:

Med SyncSynchronize multiple prescriptions for each patient so he or she can pick everything up at once.

Patient MessagingAutomatically send text and email notifications for refill reminders and pickups.

Medication Therapy ManagementAnalyze patient information with ease to provide valuable advice that can help manage patient care.

eCare Plans Provide and document enhanced services that promote better patient outcomes.

Multidose Packaging – Prepackage pills per dose to help patients stay on track.

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