With his company’s focus on long-term care pharmacy, Scott Beatty, president of SoftWriters, talks with ComputerTalk Publisher Bill Lockwood about what SoftWriters is doing to give pharmacies a competitive advantage in this market.

ComputerTalk: What strengths does SoftWriters bring to the LTC pharmacies?

Scott Beatty, President, SoftWriters FrameworkLTC LTC Pharmacy Long-term Care
Scott Beatty, President, SoftWriters

Scott Beatty: We enable our customers to strengthen and scale their businesses with the most robust, configurable, and interoperable solutions available for long-term care [LTC] pharmacies. Our laser focus on LTC helps us to deliver a platform that scales for the unique needs of our customers and partners.

CT: Tell us about recent enhancements to your platform that benefit pharmacies serving long-term care facilities.

Beatty: SoftWriters is in it for the long term. We take a broad view of the needs across our industry and design roadmaps that deliver optimal value to our customers. In the last two years, we have launched three new products and hundreds of new features while always investing in our core platform, FrameworkLTC. Our two newest products, FrameworkVision and FrameworkRxP — both cloud based — have allowed us to bring incremental value reliably. Additionally, vaccine management helps to solve multiple problems seamlessly. From IIS [immunization information systems] registry and reporting capabilities through reimbursement challenges for first dose and boosters, our nimble delivery to hundreds of pharmacies demonstrates the value of laser focus on LTC.

“SoftWriters is in it for the long term. We take a broad view of the needs across our industry and design roadmaps that deliver optimal value to our customers.”

– Scott Beatty

CT: Tell us more about the partnerships with other companies.

Beatty: SoftWriters has a long history of partnering with other technology companies that advance our industry. Despite having more than 100 integrations, we are always seeking new partnerships that solve critical issues facing LTC pharmacies. The latest example is our partnership with Mediprocity. Working with them, we were able to integrate secure messaging into FrameworkECM and Framework-
Vision, which has unlocked even more efficiencies for our customers.

CT: The theme of your recent FrameworkLTC User Conference was solidify, strengthen, and scale. What was the important takeaway here?

Beatty: The most important takeaway from this year’s User Conference would be to continue to focus on the core tenets of your pharmacy. Do more of what’s working, do it better than your competitors, and then once it’s dialed in, scale it to allow for sustainable growth.

CT: What is the competitive advantage SoftWriters offers pharmacies?

Beatty: The FrameworkLTC platform gives pharmacies the ability to carve out efficiencies and makes their processes easier, more effective, and less costly. At the end of the day, we reduce errors and enable sustainable long-term growth.

CT: Let’s hear about your background.

Beatty: Prior to joining SoftWriters, I discovered my passion for building businesses and leading growth companies. I applied this within small and large companies across multiple industries. What attracted me to SoftWriters was the opportunity to serve our customers, who serve the most vulnerable patients in the country. Since I joined SoftWriters in 2016, we have more than doubled in size while building the process-capabilities and talent maturity to serve our customers for the long term. Since 2020, I have served as the president at SoftWriters, supporting our teams as we continue to lead the LTC pharmacy management space and solve the complex issues facing our industry. CT