For ComputerTalk‘s November/December 2020 cover story, The New Vision: The Next Big Thing, we asked a range of pharmacy experts to share their thoughts on what innovative pharmacies, technology vendors, and pharmacy organizations see as the biggest and best moves for 2020. Find out here what Josh Howland, VP of clinical strategy at PioneerRx, thinks pharmacies will need to do to better connect and care for patients.

Josh Howland, VP of Clinical Strategy, PioneerRx

Community pharmacy must leverage technology to connect with patients and be a key part of the healthcare team by facilitating interactions with other healthcare providers, providing point-of-care testing, and providing medication management services. PioneerRx pharmacists are able to better understand their patients’ needs by using reports to segment and identify gaps in and potential opportunities for services. These services should be provided in a way that the patient wants and can be within the pharmacy, via an app, or even through the use of telemedicine platforms — or preferably by using all three in a way that feels seamless. CT