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Amplicare Appoints Matt Johnson as Chief Executive Officer

Amplicare announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Matt Johnson, Pharm.D., as Chief Executive Officer effective August 1, 2018. Flaviu Simihaian, Amplicare’s...

Health-System Pharmacy Evolution: An Expanded Role for Med Reconciliation

Practice settings across healthcare are finding value in expanding the pharmacy’s role, and health systems are no exception. In this interview with Carolinas HealthCare...

Pharmacy-Based Clinical Services: From Pharmacogenetics to Chronic Care

Pharmacy has been in a state of evolution for some time now, with consistent effort from many sides within the profession to integrate a...

Pharmacy Offers Transition of Care to Build Successful Niche

A stint working in hospital pharmacy piqued the interest of Steve DiLollo, Pharm.D., in the clinical and collaborative areas of pharmacy. Now he operates a transitional-care practice alongside the traditional pharmacy at Colonia Natural Pharmacy.
Technology and the Patient Care Process

Technology And The Patient Care Process

Patient care has become the keyword for the pharmacy profession. From star ratings to MTM and provider status, the trend is to find innovative ways for pharmacists to position themselves as care providers. This is not yet the primary source of revenue and it can still be a tricky to institute a successful program. Find out how pharmacists are building patient-care focused practices right now.

Do Something Well, and Thrive

Profiles of pharmacy owners, managers, and industry observers that show how family-owned community pharmacies are not just surviving, but thriving. Find out what these success stories can tell you about building a pharmacy operation that excels at serving the community, provides a top-notch work environment for employees, and rewards ownership.

A Look at the Future: The Pharmacy Home Project

There’s a great deal of discussion about how the pharmacist’s role is changing from that of a pill dispenser to a provider of clinical services. And there’s a recognition that pharmacy technology needs to be more tightly tied into the health information technology spectrum to help this happen. We’re a little closer to that future now, thanks to a Web app, The Pharmacy Home Project, created by Community Care of North Carolina. You will see what this app is all about and how it’s being put into play to support enhanced care at the community pharmacy.