Digital Pharmacist Defining the Future of Digital Pharmacy Together

Digital Pharmacist provides community independent pharmacies with a digital and communications platform that includes branded websites, mobile apps, IVR, digital marketing.

A key component of a successful adherence program is communication. Developing an adherence program that has the personal touch that patients expect of their pharmacist means solutions that let pharmacists reach patients wherever they are. The featured vendor of the week, Digital Pharmacist, has a suite of technology that does just that. A digital health company, based in Austin, Texas, with an office in Newark, N.J., Digital Pharmacist offers pharmacies a patient engagement platform that enables secure communications through interactive voice response (IVR), branded pharmacy websites, and mobile apps.

Digital Pharmacist reports 6,000 customers who use the company’s solutions to communicate closely with patients. Services included branded SMS text message refill and reminder alerts, customer relationship management and email marketing tools such as branded email newsletters, patient reviews, and interactive wellness classes on the most important clinical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and many others.

At ComputerTalk we have several resources from recent issues highlight how adherence and clinical models can be transformative to a pharmacy business model. Our May/June issue feature, “On the Cusp of Change” is about Tiffany Barber, owner of Hillsborough Pharmacy in Hillsborough, N.C., who is working with CPESN to document the clinical services she offers patients. There are a variety of ways to do this, as evident in our story on patient care (read it here), which explores a variety of pharmacy settings and the technology that works to stay in touch with patients and manage adherence programs. Columnists Brent Fox and Josh Hollingsworth give examples of ways pharmacists can impact adherence through patience education and synchronization programs in their Jan/Feb column “May the Phorce be with You.”

If you have examples of communication tools that work, please email to share at our blog.