The Adherence Advantage: SynMed Automation Gives Flexibility in Multidose Dispensing (3 of 3)

An Interview with Synergy Medical's Jean Boutin | Part Three of Three

By Maggie Lockwood

In this final installment with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood, Synergy Medical founder Jean Boutin shares the reaction from pharmacists who have installed the multidose packaging automation, SynMed, as well as plans for the company over the next six months.

CT: What do you find is the initial reaction from pharmacists after the installation?

Jean Boutin: Pharmacy owners and staff are impressed with how quickly the system is implemented and how easily the staff adapts to it. The Synergy team has had a great deal of practice installing in a variety of environments and we have a how-to guide describing best practices and preparation steps that is given to the pharmacist and operators prior to installation and training. Pharmacies can expect that during the first week of the training phase, medication for up to 400 patients will be fully converted to the SynMed system. This number will continue to rise in the week following the installation.
Most pharmacists who have already implemented other technologies say how easy it was for their staff to learn to use the device and its software. It’s important to note that all of our SynMed clients see a considerable increase in the number of customers they can serve once the technology has been implemented. The number of verification features simplify that process and give the team of pharmacists control over production. This creates peace of mind that eases tension in the pharmacy, enabling growth.

CT: What are the goals of Synergy Medical in the next six months? Where do you see automated packaging having the greatest impact in the independent pharmacy?

Boutin: Not only is there a clear recognition on the part of the authorities of the advantages of adherence packaging but also, even more significantly, customers have a real need for this dispensing method. Whether at home, in retirement homes or long-term care facilities, patients and caregivers are looking for a better solution than the one that is currently being offered. The two key factors behind this trend are safety and efficiency. Many of our clients predict that within a few years, seniors who are taking several medications will be looking for dispensing methods other than what is currently on offer. We believe that the SynMed, an easy-to-use card that is carefully prepared using clear identification features in the customer’s preferred format, is a good solution. These dispensing methods will continue to progress over the coming years and SynMed’s versatility and neutrality will let pharmacists take advantage of all the opportunities they are being offered. CT

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