Integra LTC Solutions has released Logix 3.0, the latest version of its custom pharmacy business process automation software. Logix provides process automation designed to create automated solutions eliminating repetitive, error-prone manual tasks, freeing pharmacy staff for higher output and faster service. Logix enables institutional pharmacies to elevate efficiency, enhance customer service, and reduce cost.

In addition to the initial set of standard Logix workflow processes, Executive Director of Product Management Louie Foster has worked closely with institutional pharmacy leadership and staff to identify the most critical additional automation for rapid implementation, time and cost savings. “Logix 3.0 offers full DocuTrack integration, with intelligent task creation, workflow guardrails, and more automation capabilities.” said Foster. “We concentrated closely on our new stock processes to deliver key processes with demonstrable ROI value.”

Pharmacist Carol Garrand, director of operations for PropacPayless Pharmacy, serving 33,000 beds from locations in Washington, Oregon and California, implemented Logix in 2017. “One of the first benefits we have seen is an automated faxing process for our RTS notices. That one process automation saved us half an FTE of processing, just given the volume of manual faxes that we send,” noted Garrand.

Key new Logix 3.0 process automation features include:

  • Document Fax/Send Failure Processing. Depending on the destination and error, Logix 3.0 automatically guides DocuTrack users to select a task, automatically loading the failed document, and walking the user through canceling the fax or Direct Message, resending, or selecting a new address/fax number for sending the document.
  • Selecting Multiple Associations. Logix 3.0 gives DocuTrack users the ability to select multiple associations and start a process with that group of associations, streamlining repetitive tasks, such as sending out one notice listing multiple prescriptions of the user’s choice.
  • Innovative Steps for New and Existing Processes. Automated processes now give users the ability to:
    • Send DIRECT secure email messages
    • Copy documents
    • Load a document for the user
    • Read data from PDF forms in DocuTrack
    • Search QS1 for prescription status, or new prescriptions that came in for an escalation that matches the NDC or generic code
    • Send Slack messages
    • Access external applications via Web Services

Logix 3.0 customers will see immediate time and cost savings that can only grow as more processes are identified and automated.  For more information about Logix 3.0, contact Integra Sales at 866-257-4279, or email